Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh great light of the world, fill up my soul... The light of your grace, to fill up my heart

Another week...come and gone.

So I scored a goal on Tuesday! It was for my league in Canton. I was excited because my days of goal scoring have been a forgotten past time. I practically had to plow the keeper over to score but it counts all the same. We won 6-5. On Wednesday, I had Rush training with my girls. I didn't have anything planned but it ended up being one of the best sessions of the indoor season. I started the girls out with little instruction and waited for them to figure out the tricks of the drill on their own. That didn't happen. I wasn't that surprised. So, I stopped the drill and asked them what would help. They made some good points but not exactly what I was looking for. So I told them. I started the drill. They did what I told them. Success! It is so encouraging when you see improvement! Thursday was indoor in Lansing. We won 7-3. Friday was the Championship. My parents even came to watch (they are still super fans - even for indoor). We lost 5-4. Almost an undefeated season, but not quite. It was really dumb how we lost but that is a rant that I don't want to get into at the moment. Stupid Team Summit. 

Jen and I made a mega batch of applesauce this week. Let's just say we are becoming experts and who knows maybe we'll be a household name someday. Look for us and our products in your local grocery store. 

Let's see... for those of you who do not know. I am taking Violin lessons with the Jackson Symphony Orchestra. My teacher's name is Clyde. He's a fun guy and he's very patient with my squeaks and imperfections. I feel so elementary sometimes because when I am packing up from my lesson, Clyde asks the student that comes in after me "So are we going to be playing Bach or Mozart today?" This week I am working on staccato music which is a lot harder on the violin than say the piano and trumpet which I have played before. Clyde is also teaching me a stroke called "stick on the hair" which when it is not done right can produce one of the most horrific sounds I've ever heard. But it's coming... Johann will have to wait for now but I have "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" down pat. 

Two little boys came in with their dad this week to the flower shop. I would have to say around ages 5 and 3. Their mom had been away on a trip and it had been just the guys at home for the past few days. Well, mom was coming home and dad had brought the boys in to pick out some fresh flowers for her return. I walked over to the front coolers to help them. The dad kindly instructed the boys to tell "the nice lady" (I hate being called "lady") what flowers they wanted to get for mom. The youngest walked over to a nearby table and picked up a hideous bunch of purple and white silk flowers and proudly said, "I want this one!" Dad redirected and reminded him that the real flowers were in the refrigerators. The eldest pointed to the yellow mums sitting in the back corner and the youngest quickly followed the example of his older brother and said he wanted the same. I knelt down to their level and pointed out some pretty purple flowers to go with their choices. The oldest responded with "Ewww" but I won over the youngest so I figured 1 out of 2 ain't bad. I took the flowers to the front to wrap them up all pretty while the boys took off in the store like it was playland at McDonalds. The highlight of their trip was when they found the fish pond in the back. They came running up to tell their dad about their discovery. The youngest looked at me and asked what their names were. I said that they didn't have names and that he could name them. Oh man, it was like I gave the child a million dollars as he ran back to tell his brother that they were the ones who were in charge of naming the fish. When they finally returned to collect their flowers and head home, I asked what they had named the fish.  Between the two of them they came up with Nemos (which could quite possibly be the Spanish version of Nemo), Dorthy, and Sharkface. There you have it... the famous fish of J.Alexander's florist in Jackson, Michigan. It's moments like these that make my job worth it. 

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  1. Sharkface-good one!

    Congrats on your goal.

    If you want more applesauce I have a TON left!