Sunday, March 8, 2009

"I want to give my life to you, for it's all I have to give... because you gave your life for me."

So, it's been awhile.... let's catch up (in non-chronological order..)

As a brief overview.. in the past couple weeks I've made an overnight trip to Traverse City, wrapped up coaching my Rush team (which was bittersweet... I loved the girls but the organizing was just really frustrating at times), started conditioning and tryouts with the Jackson Christian girls, taught high school Biology for two days, babysat baby Shelby with Di, went to B & N with Jen and Di, outran the police, joined a gym to train for my half-marathon in April (SnapFitness to be exact... Randi, remember your experience there?), dealt with a doozy of a customer at work, and told my parents about my plans for India this summer. There is definitely a lot more than this but like I said it's a brief overview. 

Now for story time...

1. My random trip to Traverse City was to join my dad for Farm Bureau's state convention at the Grand Traverse Resort. My mom couldn't go with him so he called me on Thursday and told me that he was up there by himself. I couldn't bare the thought, so at 8pm I decided to drive up north to stay with him for the night and be his date to the formal dinner the following night. Well I got to Kalkaska and low and behold northern Michigan was getting a snowstorm. It had been 40 degrees and sprinkling in Jackson when I left so I didn't pack a coat or expect to be driving 27 mph for over an hour. I should know better though, I've lived in Michigan my whole life. I guess I was blinded by the hope of spring. Anyway, getting to the point... I was approximately 2 miles from the hotel and my car spun out of control and slid into the ditch on the other side of the road. Let me remind you that I was just in the ditch on Bradleyville road (that's by Pigeon for those who aren't familiar with the name) a month ago. What the heck! I've never been in the ditch before and now it's 2 times in one month. I did find out that Traverse City has some great citizens. Three or four people stopped to check on me and a deputy that was off duty set up some flares around my car and waited with me until my dad arrived. He even gave me his card to prove who he was. When I read it, it said he was from the narcotic unit. Is there major drug trafficking in northern Michigan? Weird... Well everything turned out fine. No damage. Got a tow. And we're back in business...

2. Rush is over. Eric asked if I was going to be around to coach next year... I politely said that I needed to find a full time job and right now this area wasn't being very cooperative in providing me with one. We'll see though. I'm applying at a couple districts within an hour of here so it could be possible for me to commute. Highly unlikely that I will be staying though...

3. I did conditioning with the girls this week... due to training for my half marathon the mile run had nothing on me. I felt great! I was, however, pretty sore from doing hills and sprints. 

4. I taught Bio at Jackson Christian this past week. I now know more than I ever wanted to know about the Bubonic plague, SARS, West Nile and a bunch of other disease causing bacteria. 

5. Shelby is the cutest thing! And what an awesome baby... she hardly ever fusses and she didn't cry at all. She's pretty chill. Mach and Brent bought Di and me pizza and we spent the evening watching TV and playing with Shelby. Shelby spent the evening watching tv, crossing her eyes, starring at the light bulb, sleeping, and flatulating on me. Luckily, we did not have another explosion like Diana experienced a few weeks ago. 

6. B & N and Chipotle with Di and Jen.. reading and mexican food topped with a carmel frap, mmm wonderful. It was fun, besides the constant badgering that I got from when I ran my car into a dumpster at the SAU apartment over 2 years ago (remember Mol? you were the only eyewitness to that feat). 

7. I outran the Po Po when I was out on deliveries the other day. I passed one when I was going between 62 and 65. I didn't realize it until I saw him put on his brakes to turn around. Fortunately, I was right where Brooklyn road splits so I took the split and turned off so he couldn't find me. I win!

8. I am a member of Snap Fitness and I ran 4.5 miles the other day. I'm excited. A little over a month left and I'll be running in Charlottesville. Supporters are welcome!

9. Why are people so grumpy when all I want to do is give them flowers? I don't get it. Come on people, have a little joy and show a little gratitude.

10. Welp, looks like I'm going to India at the end of June! I'm still making final plans so I'll write more about this adventure later. It deserves its own post. And this one is getting way too long...

Until next time...

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  1. First of all, I love how you now have a "SARS" label-I wonder if you'll ever use that one again? Do you think SARS will become a frequent topic on your blog?!

    I found out so much about your life in this post-and I see you quite often. I didn't know that you ended up in another ditch, or that you joined Snap Fitness, or that you outran the police! You must stop keeping secrets from me!!!