Friday, March 13, 2009

Ten thousand angels will light your pathway... they will surround you, and make your way straight"

What a busy day. 

I woke up and had a couple phone calls to make. I poured myself some OJ and got right to work. 

First I called the cottage rental place in Virginia. This past week I realized that I had to make reservations for the night before the marathon. I totally forgot about getting a hotel room, however when I started calling this week, EVERYTHING was booked! I really didn't know what I was going to do but then I found this cottage rental service where people actually rent out rooms in their homes (like bed and breakfast style) or they have small cottages that they rent out for around $100 a night. I found one that was like a mile from the race site and booked it. The lady was so nice too, she even offered to let me use her membership at the local sports club to get cleaned up after the race. Gotta love that southern hospitality!

Next on the agenda was calling Midas. After I went to get my oil changed a couple days ago they found a leak in my tire and the cause of it was a crack in my left rear rim. They had to keep my tire overnight so they could work their magic with some special chemicals. I didn't get a call yesterday so I decided to call this morning to make sure everything was ok. Steve, my friendly mechanic, had actually lost my phone number in the computer so it was a good thing I called. I saved him the trouble of digging through all of the receipts from the past couple days. Anyway my tire was fixed and ready to go... I'm glad it didn't turn out to be more serious, otherwise they were going to have to send it out to a specialist and Lord knows how much that would've cost. I was going to escape with a mere $20 repair fee. Annoying... but a lot better than what it could have been. Later on I went to pick up my tire and there was another older couple being helped at the time.. so I just waited in the lobby for my turn. When they finally got everything situated I stepped up to the counter to pay for the repair. Steve looked at me and said that he would cover the charge and it would be complementary today. WHAT?? Who does that? I couldn't believe it. I asked him if he was sure... he said you've been very patient and not to worry about it. Steve, you're the best!

After my phone calls, I looked at my training schedule today and it was an easy 3 mile day. So I went for a little run in the park since it was such a beautiful day outside. I would just like to say that this training program that I'm on is amazing. I've never been able to run like this before. After a workout, I feel great!

I got back to the apartment and it was off to a quick shower to get ready to substitute teach. I cut it a little close but I was there before class started. I taught art today. So I basically just sat and watch students draw all hour. There were a lovely few that refused to do their work saying things like.. "It's not like this class even matters..." THEN WHY ARE YOU TAKING IT?? Bah!

Next, Soccer practice. I had defense today for about a half an hour. I had six players to work with and I've concluded high school girls do not focus, especially on Fridays. We worked on clearances but they are afraid to head the ball if it is coming at them with any kind of force. Ahh. This is going to be quite the project. I want to train a flat back this year but after today I left a little discouraged. We'll see though, it's only the first week.. and it was our first day outside. 

Finally.. I came home and I was about to leave for Grand Rapids to visit my friend Deanna. I quickly cleaned up and packed so I could meet her for dinner. Before I left I checked my phone, that I had accidentally left at home today, I had a couple voicemails. I checked them and it was Jen... SHE HAD THE BABY!! Oh my goodness, I was so excited. I quickly called her back and she told me I was welcome to come up to the hospital! Oh boy! I mean.... Oh baby girl! I called Deanna and apologized that I couldn't make the trip because of the new arrival. She totally understood and we decided to get together another weekend. When I got to the hospital Grandma and Grandpa Moore were there along with Grandma Gienapp and Uncle Tom. So cute. And speaking of cute... there was Dad and Mom with the cutest little baby you ever did see! She's perfect. Good job God... (and you too, Kevin and Jen).

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights..."
James 1:17

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