Sunday, May 17, 2009

"And he brings peace to our madness and comfort to our sadness...This is our God"

The day started off early since I was called into sub at Jackson Christian. I was teaching Jr. High Science/Gym and had one class of high school gym. It actually ended up being an easy day because the 8th graders were gone for a field trip. That meant no first hour, third hour prep, no 4th hour and no 5th on to high school gym, second hour. Kickball was on the day's agenda. Ahhh.. takes me back to elementary school. Anyway... we were having a grand old time outside playing some good ol' American kickball and then one of the boys kicked a foul ball. Little did I know the events that were about to unfold...

Mr. Howdyshell, who serves as a math teacher/athletic event bus driver, was out getting the buses ready for the track meet and soccer game scheduled for later that evening. He stopped to watch the game for awhile. That's when things went foul... literally. As I was standing on the first base line I watched the ball go foul and made the appropriate call (I'm such a good umpire..:)) Then instead of someone going to fetch the ball to resume play, I heard someone kick it. I turned slightly only to see a blue rubber sphere taking up my entire line of sight. 
It nailed me right in the side of the face. I had to concentrate really hard not to fall over. The kids laughed and clapped and added that they wished they had a video camera so I could be published on Utube. Embarrassing, but what are you going to do. I just laughed. I laughed even harder when I found out it was Mr. Howdyshell that kicked the ball. The whole school knew by lunch time but it didn't turn out so bad... Mr. Howdyshell bought me pizza for lunch. Like I said.. never a dull moment at JCS.

After a long day of kickball and some battling with Jr. Highers, it was off to Washtenaw Christian for the girls soccer game. Let's just clarify that this is the field that we are going to play on for districts. We arrived after 2 detours.. gotta love Michigan construction, and the lines appeared to waiver because the ground was so bumpy.. AND half the field was mowed and half wasn't. Umm.. wonderful. 
Then I want to just share a story to give you an idea of the refs we had. Our keeper got a yellow card for saving the ball and running into a player. She turned her back before she hit her so she wouldn't get kicked in the face and she was awarded a yellow card. If that isn't confusing enough... after the call he gave us a goal kick! WHAT?!? Clearly, he had no idea what he was doing. I hope he doesn't come back for districts. 
On to the positives... We won 8-2 and one of my girls scored on a header! Yay! 

It was back to the homeland to get ready to go see Mike and Korey at SAU Baccalaureate. Yay for graduating! It was great to see them and their families and other friends like Zuz, Stroh, and CJ. After it was over the Yoders invited me to pizza, where we met up with Shari, and a trip to Wal-mart. It was great fun. I love that family. They're great. After our adventures, Shari came back to stay at my apartment for some great conversation and a good night's rest. 

More weekend update to come...


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  1. I'm sorry you got hit in the face. I'm more sorry that I wasn't there to see it :)