Sunday, May 10, 2009

"On the wings of the morning, hope is rising..."

"We will rise on the wings of the morning 
Though we hide, hide in the shadows of the night 
There is hope, hope in the hands that have made us 
And are holding us tight."

So again... it's been awhile. I actually wrote this really long post earlier today and then my computer died. Talk about frustrating. I had to take a break before trying to complete it again.. so here we go. 

Well let's start with early last week. I played secretary for Jackson Christian for a couple days. That was fun.  It also happened to be staff appreciation week and I got free food. BONUS! It was delicious. I had to do a couple of announcements over the PA. Talk about anxiety attacks. I hate doing PA announcements. In fact most of the time I write down what I am going to say so I don't freeze in mid sentence and sound like a complete idiot. Other than that, I answered phones, dealt with a nose bleed and a few sickies, and wrote passes for all those late comers. It's always an interesting day at Jackson Christian. 

My girls soccer team has been in a little slump lately. One of our games last week was against Springport. I had never been to Springport but as soon as I got off the exit and drove by the pig farm, I immediately thought I had been teleported back to Huron County. The school was in the middle of a field, the team's strategy was kick and run, AND the fans were yelling things like "Send her!" and "Boot it!" Oh the good ol' HC... it was quite nostalgic, actually. The girls were a little discouraged after losing that game so we had a re-focusing session at practice. I think it went pretty well and we did decent at our tournament on Saturday. We ended up coming in 2nd. 

Thursday and Friday I spent working at the flower shop getting ready for Mother's Day. WOW. I thought Valentines Day was bad. I had no idea! Plus it is prom season so we had those orders on top of Mother's Day. 

For our Mother's Day celebration, my parents came down to watch part of my tournament on Saturday and then we went out to eat at Olive Garden. Diana came with us too... after all she is basically part of our family. Anyway we had to wait quite awhile.. it being Mother's Day and Prom night. While we were waiting for our table some of our Rush players/my Western students walked in. We said hello and they seemed pretty excited to see us and then proceeded to demand a picture. So yes, Di and I were in a prom picture. 
1. Weird. 
2. Wow. We're old. 
It was fun to see the girls though. I'm going to miss them. 
After we finally were seated... dinner was great! I love Italian food. 

At church we talked about Mother's Day and how it is a great day for some but also very hard for others. I immediately thought of my player Renee who was killed in a car accident in January. I felt for her mom and her family. Diana had also mentioned how her coworker Mickey was having a rough weekend since she had lost a son in the past year. I can't even imagine what it's like. I am blessed with a great family that I can celebrate with but I also need to remember those who aren't as fortunate and who are suffering. 
"Rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn." Romans 12:15

I had a soccer game this past weekend with the Ella Sharp Rec League. Apparently no one showed up this week and when I got there at half time (due to coaching at the tournament) we had been playing a player down. We were still winning 1-0. I got there and we were at full strength. Jen and I had a sweet connection going. There were a few times where we connected 2 or 3 one touch passes in a row and then Jen had a corner kick and I scored with a header! It was great! Took me back to high school when I would score off of Di's corner kicks. Not that we were playing against super competition but it was still awesome! My one complaint about the game was that I was playing on the outside against this 40 year old woman who would stiff arm me across the face when going for the ball. Oh, I was getting so mad! By the end of the game I had two big cuts on the inside of my bottom lip and my top lip was swollen from getting hit. Grrr. But in all honesty, after I scored that header I didn't care one bit. 

My most recent news is that I found out my Grandpa was admitted to the hospital. About a month ago, he was scratched by a cat when he was giving it the anesthesia to spay it. Anyway he put disinfectant on it when it happened but it didn't quite do the trick. The infection spread and his whole arm swelled. I went home to visit him and he is doing much better. He isn't very happy about staying in the hospital until Friday though. He's not one to just sit around and he is getting a little bored. To help, I took him a Where's Waldo book. :)

I will write more often from now on... I promise.


  1. PA announcements! I love the part in Grease where she's doing the morning announcements and that other lady is playing the xylophone....

  2. that wasn't boring. oh the prommmmmmmm.