Sunday, July 5, 2009

"He's the remedy, Let us be the remedy, Let us bring the remedy..."

Time for a picture blog...

Flying to Dharamsala from Delhi.
(Me, Beth, Aimee, Hillela, Melody)

This is my house. My room is on the very right hand side with the little balcony attached.

Dharamsala, India
(Mitchell, I totally understand why this was your favorite... I love it here!)

Hiking in flip flops down to the river by our house.

Some of our group in the river by the Hindu temple we went to see. 
These are the people I hang out with (mostly).
Caitlin, Hillela, Mike, Aimee, Beth, & Luis

The staff put on a 4th of July party for us. It was so great! They grilled up some chicken, bought us a cake (above), and shot off some fireworks. It was a little terrifying since they were lighting them about 10 feet away, but very thoughtful and very fun. Here's a quote from my friend Aimee at the dinner table.. She's from Northern England...

Aimee: Wait so who did you get your independence from again?
Mike: Ummm... you.
Aimee: That was embarrassing.

Dressing up in Saris for our traditional dinner night. They are pretty complicated to get on!

Aimee and I walking the streets of McLeod Ganj
(Where the Dalai Lama lives)

Tibet in exile... 50 years (1959-2009)
This whole situation fascinates me... I want to learn more about it. 
We were able to talk to a Tibetan lama who gave us a brief background and even described his family's experience fleeing from the Chinese into India. This banner was being hung outside the temple across from the Dalai lama's house.

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  1. love your sari and the fact that the british girl didn't know who USA got their independence from. LOL!